“Keep up the great work, we are hearing tons of positive feedback from our customers. We are going to continue to throw as much business your way as possible.”

Jefferson Lavender
Operations Manager

Mount Milligan

I received a phone call from a Thompson Creek site representative this afternoon regarding the installation of the two additional 44 man dorms.  He wanted to extend his gratitude on what they feel has been an extremely well executed scope of work to date.  He specifically commended Wade and Sockeye for completing their scope at an extremely high safety and quality standard as well as being very independent while on site.

At this time I’d also like to thank all of you for your support for ensuring a well executed project to date.  I see this as a huge step forward for achieving the goals we set forward during our planning meeting in Edmonton at the end of September.

A special thanks to Ivan for ensuring the adequate manpower was on site at the time of delivery for the units to site. Have a safe day everyone.

Aaron Joyes
Senior Project Manager

Chevron KayBob

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the team work and leadership that was displayed over the last few days on behalf of Redrock, Strad, Sockeye and Ranger personnel.  Although there were only a few buildings and the odd few loads to move to the new camp, this team did a great job in preparing and executing their work plan. There was a significant amount of work behind the scenes to prepare the move to the new camp and feed everyone.

To top it off, this team conducted this work incident free during very poor weather and road conditions due to a severe snow storm. Congratulations to everyone who helped make this happen, thank you for your commitment to Incident Free Operations “IFO”

Betty Carew
Kaybob Duvernay Appraisal Program
Lead Field HES Representative


“Great job on the safety side Sly & Mike, keep up the good work and pass along our thanks to your guys, Malcs and I appreciate it.”

Troy Ferguson
President & CEO
Redrock Camps Inc.

Black Diamond Camps

Hi Sly

Your crew left camp this morning. I just wanted to thank all of the guys that were here on site as well as you and mike. The guys carried themselves with the utmost professionalism. The work they completed speaks for itself. They had some pretty terrible site conditions to tend with and they put a smile on and completed the work that needed to be done in a timely fashion. I was very impressed with all safety paperwork that was filled out on site.

I appreciate everything

Brandon Maloney
Project Manager
Black Diamond Camps