Indigenous Relationship Policy

At Sockeye Modular Installations, we recognize the deep connections Indigenous Peoples have to the land and traditional territories. As such, we believe that building positive, respectful, trusting relationships with local Indigenous and Metis communities is the foundation for successful project outcomes and collaborative partnerships. These relationships will also serve to enhance support for projects and add value to our customers. Sockeye also recognizes there must be a sincere commitment, at all levels, to work closely and collaboratively with Indigenous and Metis communities to address cultural, social, economic, and environmental concerns related to our business. Through this Policy, Sockeye supports an environment that encourages open dialogue, with a willingness to listen, learn, and understand the history, cultural protocols, and priorities of Indigenous and Metis communities.

Guiding Principles

Sockeye believes the following principles will support meaningful and respectful engagements with Indigenous communities.

    1. Respectful Indigenous relations are practiced across the company, as we all have a responsibility, and we all benefit from healthy and engaged communities.
    1. Respecting Indigenous ways of life is integral at Sockeye, and we look for meaningful ways for Indigenous and Metis communities to be involved.
    1. Enhancing relationships with Indigenous communities by delivering sustainable results and encouraging socio-economic growth and reconciliation.
    1. Communications with Indigenous and Metis communities are open, respectful, and ongoing. We will seek to communicate in ways that foster common understanding.
    1. Balanced outcomes are reached by managing our business to achieve positive outcomes, including seeking opportunities for local communities.
    1. Meaningful consultation is essential to Sockeye’s core values and to growing Indigenous participation. Sockeye will fulfill the duty to consult in ways that add value to both the community and our business.
    1. Community support for our projects is essential to our business.

Business and Economic Opportunities

Sockeye will also encourage Indigenous participation in its procurement activities. Sockeye supports Indigenous economic participation by bringing qualified Indigenous businesses and employees into our supply chain. Businesses or contractors with Indigenous employment or capacity opportunities will be considered positively in our procurement process.

Sockeye will liaise with Indigenous businesses interested in opportunities with Sockeye projects and operations. When required, we will facilitate connections between our contractors and Indigenous or Metis community businesses to foster relationships and initiate the pre-qualification for the procurement process.

Community Support

Sockeye works within many Indigenous and Metis communities, traditional lands, and municipalities. As valued stakeholders, we are always looking for ways to support the communities where we live and operate. Many of Sockeye’s Indigenous community support opportunities focus on initiatives aligned with local priorities (including education, environment community events, and youth) in and around Indigenous and Metis communities in areas where we are working.

Policy Review

Sockeye commits to undertake a review of this Policy no less frequently than every two years. The purpose of this review will be to assess the performance, standards, and best practices of Sockeye’s Indigenous relations tools used to engage with Indigenous and Metis communities in all project-related activities and social interactions. The Policy review will be carried out by Sockeye’s executive team, including any additions and/or revisions.