Tools Notes
Carpenter’s Tool Belt Comfortable enough to wear all day, lots of employees use tool belt suspenders/shoulder straps. Large enough pockets for tools + some fasteners.
Torpedo level 6″ or 8″
Framing and Finishing hammer One for bashing, one for finer work.
Speed square
Wood chisel Handy to have a sharp chisel in your pouch. Make sure the blade is protected.
Carpenters pencils Bring extras.
Colored Ink Marker Red sharpie is good.
2 tape measures 25′ stanley fat max or similar recommended.
Tin Snips Yellow (straight cut). Red & Green (left and right cut) optional.
Olfa knife
Self-retractable blade knife Some camps only allow self-retractable blade knives.
Nail bar (cat’s paw)
Small red trim bar Painters bar / glazer bar / pry bar.
Adjustable crescent wrench
Side cutter pliers
Small adjustable groove-lock pliers Super handy to manipulate sharp or hard to grasp materials.
Cordless Impact Driver w/ multiple batteries Mandatory. Tool belt attachment or holster is very handy.
Cordless Tool set Optional but useful (drill, recip saw, skill saw, radio …)
Impact Driver bits Most commonly the #2 (Red) Robertson, but be prepared with all sizes
Impact Driver hex-head bits For tin fasteners + lag bolts. Most commonly use the 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ + 9/16″.