Construction Services

Construction Services offered by Sockeye Enterprises include but are not limited to:

  • Relocation, renovation and repurposing modular facilities
  • Blocking and leveling
  • Undercarriage inspections for skidded and non-skidded units
  • Construction and re-design of stairs and landings, decks, walkways, & custom entrances
    • Wood, aluminum, steel
    • Anti-slip materials

The Installation, Routine Inspection, Repair and Removal of:

  • Exterior finishing; including roofing, siding, and skirting
  • Roof membrane & termination; from spot repairs to full replacement
    • EPDM/PVC re-roofing (Mule-Hide Certified)
    • Ventilation in both roofing and skirting
  • Walls – inclusive but not limited to:
    • Drywall, batons, partitions
    • Insulation + vapor barrier
    • Wood framing
  • Ceilings
    • Panel
    • Drop
    • T-bar repair
  • Doors & Windows -inclusive but not limited to:
    • Expandable door frames, smoke doors, interior office doors
    • Transition strips, custom thresholds, general hardware
  • Interior finishing including flooring, framing and finish carpentry
    • Linoleum, laminate, carpet
    • Base Cove molding
    • Repair welds