Personal + Work Gear Notes
PPE – Hard hat with attached head lamp Winter work days start in the dark and end in the dark.
PPE – Hi-vis outer layer Jacket, vest or shirt.
PPE – CSA Work boots (at least 6″ – no low tops/shoes) Mandatory.
PPE – CSA Rubber boots (not mandatory) Recommended if muddy or wet conditions.
PPE – Safety glasses/side shields

(2 pairs – are advisable)

Bring a case for your glasses, they scratch easily when not being worn.   Many employees have issues with fogging lenses – be prepared to wear them all day.

Buy a pair that fits comfortably + doesn’t sit too close to your face, ventilation helps them not fog up. If you bring safety sunglasses, bring a clear pair for working in low light.

PPE – Work gloves of choice Appropriate for the temperature you’ll be working in.
Knee pads  For flooring and tin skirting
Hearing protection of choice Make sure you can wear it while wearing your hard hat.
Rain coat and pants Hi-vis, or wear a hi-vis vest overtop.
Hiker type / Blundstone CSA work boots Nice if you do interior work.
Camp indoor footwear Optional. Socks only is ok. You will want indoor shoes if you want to use the camp gym equipment.
Copy of all certifications/tickets Also handy to take pictures of certs and have them in your phone.
Weatherproof Luggage Rubbermaid containers or weatherproof duffel bags for all your stuff. Luggage usually travels in the back of a pickup in the elements.
Towel Some camps don’t provide one, be prepared.
Thermos Optional
Bedding Provided
Winter – CSA Winter Work boots Steel Toe, rated for -100C.
Winter – Foot / Hand Warmers Some people need them when it’s really cold.
Winter – Winter work clothes (seasonal) Layers, breathable, polyester or wool not cotton.
Winter – Gloves/mitts Several pairs – swap during day, when they get wet.
Winter – Hard hat liner Some guys like them, some don’t use them. Some use a toque.
Winter – Balaclava Keep your nose and ears from getting frostbite.