Our main focus is camp installations and dismantles; install/dismantle of modular field accommodations, offices and support equipment to the resource industry.

Some of the duties/projects that you are expected to do are:


  • Crane setting/racking of units
  • Roofing – install and seal
  • EPDM rubber roofing – install and seal
  • Framing and skirting of units
  • Build foundations/cribbing
  • Build utilidors (utility corridors)
  • Build board-walks
  • Build stairs, landings, decks
  • Build loading docks


  • Install flooring, basecove
  • Install and finish interconnects – floor, ceilings, walls
  • Install batons, RFP, and other finishings
  • Install and finish walls
  • Install travel walls
  • Prep units for transport

Then of course be able to do it all in reverse for a dismantle.