The main focus of Sockeye’s construction team is to install and dismantle various camp setups, including but not limited to the installation and dismantling of modular field accommodations, offices, and support equipment.

Some of the duties and projects you may be expected to complete include:


      • Crane setting and unit racking
      • Roof installation and sealing
      • EPDM rubber roofing installation and sealing
      • Unit framing and skirting
      • Building foundations and cribbing
      • Building utility corridors (utilidors)
      • Building boardwalks
      • Building stairs, landings, and decks
      • Building loading docks
      • Dismantling of all work


      • Installing flooring and base coves
      • Installing and finishing interconnects for floors, ceilings, and walls
      • Installing batons, RFPs, and other finishings
      • Installing and finishing walls
      • Installing travel walls
      • Prepping units for transport
      • Dismantling of all work