Tool/Equipment list Notes
Carpenter’s Tool Belt Comfortable enough to wear all day, lots of employees use tool belt suspenders/shoulder straps. Large enough pockets for tools + some fasteners.
Torpedo level 6″ or 8″
Framing and Finishing hammer One for bashing, one for finer work.
Speed square
Wood chisel Handy to have a sharp chisel in your pouch. Make sure the blade is protected.
Carpenters pencil And some extra ones.
Colored Ink Marker Red sharpie is good.
2 tape measures 25′ stanley fat max or similar recommended.
Tin Snips Yellow (straight cut). Red & Green (left and right cut) optional.
Olfa knife
Self-retractable blade knife Some camps will only allow self-retractable blade knives.
Nail bar (cat’s paw)
Small red trim bar Painters bar / glazer bar / pry bar.
Adjustable crescent wrench
Side cutter pliers
Small adjustable groove-lock pliers Super handy to manipulate sharp or hard to grasp materials.
Cordless Impact Driver w/ multiple batteries Mandatory. Tool belt attachment or holster is very handy.
Cordless Tool set Drill, recip saw, skill saw, radio …
Impact Driver bits Most commonly the #2 (Red) Robertson, but be prepared with all sizes of

Robertson, Phillips, Slot.

Impact Driver hex-head bits For tin fasteners + lag bolts. Most commonly use the 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ + 9/16″.
Water pump pliers (channel locks) 16-1/2”, 12”, 8”
Linesmen pliers.
Assorted screw driver set or multi pick. Flat blade, Philips, Robertson, etc.
Hack saw
Wire strippers.
Copper tube cutters
Plastic tube cutters.
Long nose pliers
Pipe wrench 14”, 18” aluminum
Tool bag. one that is comfortable to carry